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All You Need To Know About Microsoft MCSD 70-483 Exam

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Microsoft MCSD 70-483 C# exam is based on learner’s understanding of C# programming language. C# is a language that is object-oriented and used in writing, testing and installation of new apps as well as running and troubleshooting these apps. The exam is designed for those who wish to become experts in software development. Passing this exam leads to the awarding of MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) certification.

The world of software development has risen steadily over the years and it continues to rise. There is a need for the training and certification of individuals who can create apps to be used in running successful business enterprise systems. This certification exam gives you an opportunity as an aspiring app developer to gain skills in app development and be tested in those skills. The exam tests your knowledge and skills in website app development, mobile app development and the development of other software.

What are the objectives of Microsoft 70-483 exam?


The exam tests the learner’s knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Managing Program Flow (25-30%)
  • Creating and Using Types (25-30%)
  • Debugging Applications and Implementing Security 25-30%)
  • Implementing Data Access (25-30%)


Microsoft 70-483 exam is targeted at individuals such as school leavers who wish to be MCSD certified, app developers who are seeking to gain more knowledge in C# programming, MCSA Web Applications and MCSA Universal Windows certified individuals who have a desire to be certified in MCSD and also Computer Science degree holders desiring to be specialised in C# programming.


What are the prerequisites for Microsoft 70-483 exam?

  • This exam is for anyone with some experience in programming. It is also suitable for beginners.
  • Training and own lab simulations are highly recommended


Becoming Microsoft certified places you ahead of the pack in terms of knowledge, skills, and experience. The certification is proof enough that you are capable of installing, running and troubleshooting the software components of a networking system. Let’s find out more reasons why you should become Microsoft certified. Read further.


  • Gaining of unique skills and knowledge

Before sitting for exams, individuals who wish to attain any of Microsoft certifications go through a very detailed and stringent process of preparing for them. Bypassing the exams, you demonstrate that you have understood the objectives well and are ready to apply that knowledge at your work or at any place where your skillset would be required.


  • Certification by an industry leader

Microsoft is a leading provider of website apps, mobile apps, and other well-known software. When you are certified by Microsoft, it is an indication that you are a professional of a high level and you are competent to complete the work you’ve been hired for. That makes you stand out among your peers.


  • Employment opportunities and career growth

Microsoft certified professionals are needed in industries, institutions, and organizations. Hiring managers prefer these professionals because of their unique knowledge and skills in developing, running and maintaining computer software related systems. Once you get hired, there is a high chance that you will keep advancing in your career depending on your career goals. You get a chance to be employed as a functional designer, software engineer, web/mobile app developer, IT consultant/ Manager, technology architect and many more IT coveted positions.


  • Competitive salaries for competitive skills

When you have skills and experience that stand out, you attract job positions that pay high salaries. Microsoft certified experts attract high salaries compared to those who are not certified or are certified by other bodies. Competitive skills translate to competitive salaries.


Looking at the reasons to become Microsoft certified and the objectives of Microsoft 70-483 exam, you now understand why C# programming certification is so popular. Employers and experts know the importance of this certification. Each new day poses new challenges that require new app solutions. That is why there is the need for new apps that would help solve these new challenges. With the transformation of the IT world, new requirements come and they also undergo changes. Users are looking for apps to make their lives easier. App development is something that is in demand all the time. Having knowledge in C# programming is definitely an important factor of the world of IT revolution.


If you want to be part of the revolution, you must pass the Microsoft 70-483 exam. Passing in this exam demands an understanding of the exam objectives. You can use the Microsoft website for further reference. Once you understand the objectives, it is now the time to prepare. It is recommended that you sign up for a course with a certified trainer. Getting relevant study materials and practice tests will also help you in your exam preparation.


Microsoft 70-483 exam format is as follows:

  • Duration: 2½ hours
  • 33 mixed questions
  • 3 case studies
  • 1st case study consists of 4 questions
  • 2nd case study consist of 5 questions
  • 3rd case study consist of 6 questions
  • Registration is on the official Microsoft website.


It is important for you to note that Microsoft keeps updating the format of their exams, including the number of questions. It is bound to change from time to time.


How to pass Microsoft 70-483 exam? Here are the tips:

  • Understand the exam objectives

This is where it all begins. Getting to know the objectives of the exam is the first step. Know all that you need to know about this particular exam.


  • Get a certified trainer

C# programming is moderately difficult and it is important that you get someone to take you through the course. There are a number of trainers for this course. Make sure you get one who is certified.


  • Study guides and practice exams

Look for study guides to help you in preparing for your exam. They are found online as downloads. One of the guidebooks is MCSD Certification Toolkit (Exam 70-483): Programming in C#. We are going to mention some of these study guides later in this article. You can also make use of practice tests that are available online. Make sure they are updated and they cover the exam objectives.


  • Confidence during the exam

When it’s time to sit for your exam, remember to relax and be confident. Read and understand the questions well. Schedule your time so that you are able to complete your exam within the set time limit. Yes, relax, follow the instructions, understand the questions and answer them as required.


I personally sat for my 70-483 exam towards the end of last year. That’s why I’m able to share the above tips with you. I have been there too and managed to pass the exam. The moment I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in C# programming, I searched Microsoft website for the objectives. Looking at them, I thought C# was a fairly difficult field and I was right. I had to get a trainer to help me out with the training. I also made use of study guides and practice tests from various providers. I had a pool of them. The D-day came. I went to the testing center feeling a little bit panicky but that soon went away. I chose to be calm, relaxed and do my exam with confidence. The results came and they were wonderful. I had aced it! So, I learned that nothing replaces proper preparation.

What are some of the training courses for Microsoft 70-483 exam?

What are Microsoft 70-483 exam dumps? How useful are they?

70-483 C# exam dumps are useful. You can download them online for use in your exam preparation. But make sure you understand the exam objectives first. Use these practice tests alongside other study guides and practice tests. Ensure they are up to date and go hand in hand with the exam objectives. Here the websites you can trust:

[Latest Dumps] Best Microsoft Specialist 70-483 Dumps Exam Questions And Answers Free Shared

Microsoft 70-483 exam tests what you know and what you can do with what you already know. You must put your knowledge in to practice. Passing this exam is a pathway to becoming an expert in app development. It shows how well equipped you are in providing business software solutions and with this great opportunities will come your way.

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